A 30-year veteran of the Columbus, Ohio music scene – playing with Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Moviola, Jenny Mae Leffel, Stupid Fucking Hippie, and others. Moviola was formed in 1993 and was his main focus, producing record after single after record for the next 10 years. He started out on drums and then moved to bass for their later records. Meanwhile Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments (drums) were signed to the boutique label Onion (American Recordings) in the mid-90s and put out the stellar Bait and Switch LP.

Today, along with still contributing to Moviola, Ted creates his music in a small home basement studio. His songs are personal, sometimes sparse, sometimes fully clothed, but always with a hook and a smart lyric. He plays all of the instruments and self-records his music.

Contact: scanlondigital@hattemer.com
Facebook: https://www.threads.net/@tedhattemer

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