Ted Hattemer is a 30-year veteran of the Columbus, Ohio music scene – playing with Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Moviola, Jenny Mae Leffel, and Stupid Fucking Hippie. In the early 1990s the scene was fairly close knit and existed in and around 3-4 bars, 2-3 record stores, and an inexpensive slowly growing metropolis. Moviola was the main focus, producing record after single after record for the first 5-6 years. Moviola was and is a team sport – all songwriters at every instrument. Meanwhile Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments were signed to the boutique label Onion (American Recordings) and put out the stellar Bait and Switch LP. Fast forward, the 2000s slowed things down with kids and jobs and houses. Then the 2010s brought divorce, new jobs, new focus, new digs.

Today, Ted creates his music in a small home studio when his son isn’t using it to compose and innovate with midi and a capella. His songs are personal, sometimes sparse, sometimes fully clothed, but always with a hook and a smart lyric. He plays every instrument (guitars, bass, keys, drums, etc.), some much better than others. But every attempt was made on this recording, Mass Amnesia, to get it right. It, of course, refers to the feel. It feels laidback, not rushed, not panicked. Just right. Hope you like it. If you do, spread the word.

Contact: scanlondigital@hattemer.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tshattemer/

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